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What We Do?

We believe that we can save more life with you

Healthy Food

Too many children live in households experience food poverty in Ghana. These families rely on cheap, poor quality foods, which eventually increases the coexistence of child hunger and obesity. We provide a healthy and balance food and food items to the less privileged in each community/settlement we go to ensure all children at least can access a healthy diet.

Health Care

At LUAF, these interventions are conducted over a series of participatory sessions, which create a more supportive structure for guiding people with difficulties and also to assist them in better recognizing and formulating their health needs. LUAF assist health service provides in delivery of people-centered care by increasing their skills in self-management to better help them manage their chronic diseases.


LUAF acts as a charitable benefactor and raising funds for and awarding scholarship and grants to academic institutions as well as individual students. (Orphans, widows and the less privileged). LUAF is a benefactor to at least hundred(100) children and counting are currently enrolled in various public schools and are doing really well in their academics.

Residence Facilities

The homeless and less privileged are also humans who deserve to survive another day in peace and comfort like everyone else. Not everyone can save themselves, thus, the need for LUAF and you to step up to the plate and help them act. In the foreseeable future of LUAF, we are determined to rent out and ultimately build apartments and homes to house these people. Hence the need for partners and friends of LUAF, who would help make this a reality. On contribution and act of LOVE.


We at LUAF believe evangelism is the unrelenting responsibility of every person who belongs to the company of Jesus. Bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to those around us is part of our responsibilities to our communities. All around us are people who have never heard that God loves them and desires abundant life for them. Even Jesus himself admonished us to evangelize. Like Charles Spurgeon once said, "Have you no wish for others to be saved? Then you're not saved yourself, be sure of that!"

Empowerment Programmes

Youth Empowerment programs organized by LUAF is aimed at creating healthier and higher qualities of life for underprivileged or at-risk youths / individuals. Some of our empowerment programs broadly includes but is not limited to: knowledge development personal development trainings and programs coaching skills development

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